Photo: Vari-Pitch CFS

Vari-Pitch CFS

Cover Flange Seal Topload Carton Closing Machine

Photo: Vari-Pitch CFS closeup

Category Cartoning

Load Type Topload

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty fully-welded tubular stainless steel frame
  • Allen-Bradley® servos, drives and machine controls
  • User-friendly Insight® icon-based color touch screen operator interface for easy setup and operation
  • Driven infeed to accept random carton flow
  • Digital indicators for easily-repeatable size changes
  • Independent servo and VFD metering for each machine section
  • CE Mark
  • Nordson® ProBlue hot-melt totally enclosed nozzle-type applicator


Cover-to-Flange Seal (CFS) Cartoning

The Vari-Pitch CFS, ST and DF carton closers combine Kliklok-Woodman's revolutionary variable pitch technology with single-flap hot-melt sealing or mechanical tucking in a highly functional and compact design. Like the Vari-Right and Vari-Straight, their tri-seal cousins, the Vari-Pitch machines incorporate the benefits of lugged carton control and random infeed timing. By ensuring positive carton control through the "on-demand" creation of flight centers, the Vari-Pitch CFS, ST and DF are able to consistently deliver remarkably superior final packages.

Economical Topload Cartoning

Eliminating charlotte and front tuck flaps significantly reduces carton costs. Seal-tuck and dust flap cartons offer reclosability as a consumer convenience. CFS cartons provide a more rigid, durable bottom panel.