Photo: Vari-Straight


High-Speed Straight-Line Tri-Seal Topload Carton Closing Machine

Photo: Vari-Straight closeup

Category Cartoning

Load Type Topload

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Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty fully-welded tubular stainless steel frame
  • Allen-Bradley® servos, drives and machine controls
  • Speed and glue adjustment through touch screen
  • User-friendly Insight® icon-based color touch screen operator interface for easy setup and operation
  • Driven infeed to accept random carton flow
  • Cantilevered overhead carton transport assemblies with automatic lift-away on machine stop
  • Digital indicators for easily-repeatable size changes
  • Independent servo and VFD metering for each machine section
  • Angled-surface frame and components comply with IP-65 standards
  • Sealed-for-life bearings eliminate lubrication needs
  • CE Mark
  • Machine software follows PackML state map
  • Nordson® ProBlue 10 hot-melt totally enclosed nozzle-type applicator.


Turning Cartons in a Straight Line

The Vari-Straight is a straight-line closer for tri-seal topload cartons that takes Kliklok-Woodman's revolutionary variable pitch technology to a higher level. To provide a controlled carton turn without a change in direction, the unique turning bed features "pop-up" turning bars that capture the cartons and guide them through a 90° turn and into the charlotte closing section. The inherent slip and timing issues associated with conventional "lugless" carton closers are eliminated.

The Vari-Straight design was based upon the extremely popular Vari-Right closer with variable pitch technology. The Vari-Straight provides increased plant layout flexibility, greater speed and more opportunities for higher productivity.