Photo: Vari-Straight


High-Speed Straight-Line Tri-Seal Topload Carton Closing Machine

Photo: Vari-Straight closeup

Category Cartoning

Load Type Topload

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Variable, 30-200 cartons per minute*
Actual speed depends upon machine configuration, carton size and style.
*Ask KW about meeting higher speed requirements.

  Minimum Maximum
Length 4" (102mm) 15" (381mm)
Width 3.25" (83mm) 12" (305mm)
Depth 1.49" (38mm) 5" (127mm)

Carton Orientation

Cartons are accepted end leading. Cover on right when viewed looking downstream. Discharged with front tuck leading.

Note: Economy closure flaps are limited to a minimum length of 1”. An individual carton combining multiple minimum or maximum dimensions may not be compatible with the standard system.