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Give Kliklok-Woodman an unusual challenge, and we’ll respond with a useable solution. Again, take a look at a few of the breakthroughs we’ve made — and let them serve as a reminder of what we can do for you.

Photo: Pie Wedge Line

Pie Wedge Line

Kliklok’s unique pie-wedge packaging system is a great example of our talent for listening, our leadership in collaborating on special-shaped packages, and our success rate with finding easy answers to difficult applications.

Photo: Muffin Splitter

Muffin Loader

Kliklok’s muffin loader shows how we cooperate with our key business partners to develop proprietary technology that gives our customers a market advantage. In the case of the muffin splitter/loader, we designed a tightly-integrated system that forms the tray, splits the muffin, and loads the muffin at very high rates of speed with a very high level of efficiency.

Photo: Plate Wrapper

Plate Wrapper

Kliklok-Woodman’s acquisition of the Lerner-Burgess group in 1998 brought an expanded concentration on custom packaging machines into our business. The photographic film plate wrapper is an excellent example of the innovation that we are able to deliver because of this experienced group of innovative machine builders. These machines automatically wrap light-sensitive photographic film plates in paper at very high speeds.