Photo: Trolley Loaders

Trolley Loaders

Photo: Trolley Loaders closeup

Category Special Applications

Standard Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Maximum product control
  • Handles both imperial & metric sizes
  • IP65 specification
  • Detects damaged containers
  • Infeed options available for most filling machine configurations
  • Minimal size change items
  • Built for reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Collators for both "in line" and "transverse" containers
  • Bottle/container handles presented to the consumer
  • Built-in diagnostic system


A family of automatic trolley loading machinery designed to collate bottles (or other products) and load them automatically into shelved trolleys (rolled containers). There are versions available either to manually feed trolleys into the machine for loading or to take trolleys automatically from a feed conveyor. Additional equipment like layer pad inserters, automatic trolley feed units, trolley feed conveyors, trolley lowerators and bottle turning units are available. The Series TL machines are capable of speeds in excess of 300 bpm with minimal downtime for product or size changeovers.