Photo: Apache


Non-Snack Food Bagmaker

Photo: Apache closeup

Category VFFS

Load Type Bagmakers

Standard Features

  • Intermittent motion profile
  • Open-design tubular steel Flex-Mount frame
  • Servo motor-controlled film pull belts and end seal jaws
  • Servo motor-controlled jaw seal actuation
  • Powered film unwind
  • Swing-away hinged electrical enclosure
  • Insight® color graphic touch screen operator interface
  • Comprehensive performance reporting, diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Short film supply path with straight-line threading, self-locking festooned rollers and simplified dancer bar
  • High-capacity web handling (25" roll)
  • Self-aligning seam seal bar
  • Automatic program setup
  • Instant program Changeover
  • Allen-Bradley® machine control components
  • Quick-change former assembly (no tools)
  • Electronic registration control
  • Full safety guarding and interlocks
  • Ancillary device isolated interface strip
  • 110-volt convenience outlet and data port
  • Maintenance-free bearings and guides


Kliklok-Woodman's Apache bagmaker brings Woodman reliability and innovation to the non-snack food industry. Leveraging nearly 70 years of experience packaging some of the world's most difficult products, the Apache brings a new level of operator ease of use, speeds and package size flexibility to applications including candy, nuts, crackers and cookies, cereals and powders.

Woodman bagmakers are known around the world for their "best-in-class" value and performance and cost-saving dependability and durability, and the Apache only improves upon that. We've used non-proprietary, top-tier, "off-the-shelf" Allen-Bradley® machine control components in a full servo design to lower your total cost of ownership.

The Apache is built on a cost-saving "Flex-Mount" welded tubular steel frame. This center-balanced frame is designed to bear the weight of weighers, augers and volumetric fillers, eliminating the need for additional independent support structures and mezzanines, and the low overall machine height provides greater installation flexibility.

Kliklok-Woodman packaging machines are renowned for their flexibility, easy changeover and maintenance access. The Apache's innovations are leading the way for our next generation of bagmakers.