Solutions by Industry

Offering something for everyone is not how we think. Or, in turn, how we operate. While it might seem that narrowing our focus to a well-defined group of industries would be limiting, the reality is quite the opposite. It greatly expands our ability to innovate within those sectors.

Because we know the market sectors we support (snacks, candy, nuts, confectionery, bakery, frozen foods, prepared foods, dairy, contract packaging and non-food) so well – and have known them so well for so long – giving them our full attention has become second nature. Simply put, we don’t just serve these industries, we are a vital part of these industries – with a vested interest in making even small advancements that can translate into big advantages.

From croutons to donuts, snack cakes to cookies and crackers, breakfast pastries to baked desserts, it takes special handling and packaging to insure that bakery goods arrive on the store shelf amply protected and appealingly presented.

Wrapped candies. Gummies. Chocolates. And every treat in-between. Kliklok-Woodman has years of experience in packaging them. Candy and confectionery producers demand flexibility and variety in their packaging machinery.

Contract Packaging
Contract manufacturing and packaging is a growing and dynamic industry that requires speed, flexibility and innovation. Kliklok-Woodman is particularly well-positioned to meet this demand because of our long experience in solving the packaging needs of this industry's key customers.

The dairy industry requires a higher level of machine specification and sanitation than many industries. The dairy industry is constantly evolving with new products and packaging spurred by consumer trends. Kliklok-Woodman has developed special machines for both these realities.

Frozen/Prepared Foods
Kliklok cartoning machinery has been synonymous with frozen foods since we designed and built the first lock-formed (Klik-Lok) carton formers to speed the packaging of fresh vegetables for frozen distribution.

Non-Food Applications
In addition to food sectors, Kliklok-Woodman packaging machinery is widely used for non-food applications. Kliklok cartoning machinery excels in handling special carton shapes and is easily integrated with ancillary machinery to provide customized packaging systems.

Snack Food
When Herman Lay, founder of The Lays Company, needed an automatic solution for weighing potato chips nearly sixty years ago, he called on Woodman. Our response? The development of the first in a long line of industry-first packaging systems that efficiently handle delicate products at high speeds. Since then, Kliklok-Woodman has installed more packaging machines in the snack food industry than any other company.